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But Why Coaching?

Emotional Wellness Coaching serves as an excellent supplement to therapy and is in most cases for those without insurance, a more cost-effective way to tackle your mental and emotional health with a trained professional. Coaching sessions are not as trauma-focused or intensive as therapy sessions are, but can be effective at helping you manage your mental well-being. So whether you already have a therapist and want additional support or have never done any kind of mental and emotional wellness work, you can book a consultation free of charge to see if services are right for you!

Black Snowflake


Like a snowflake, no two clients are the same no matter how similar they are. M.M.Dolcé  takes a tailored approach to ensure every client is serviced with attention to detail and consideration of several different factors including but not limited to learning style, passions and hobbies, personality type, sensitivities, and more.


Nearly a decade of experience and I still cannot do this without YOU! In our 1-on-1 meetings, we work TOGETHER each session to arrive at solutions, contemplate the many choices you'll make, and achieve success in different realms: mental/emotional, spiritual, academic, and relational. 


I am a Mental Wellness Life Coach, not a babysitter! No pun intended, but I am only interested in raising clients to be more responsible (regardless of our age gap). Together we build goals that suit your individual needs, and I support you through that, but YOU are the magic that makes it happen!


You are not my Sunday laundry; I will not leave you unattended in a sad corner. With  M.M. Dolcé Mental Wellness Life Coaching, you have access to me via multiple channels such as SMS, email, chat, phone & more. We don't just set goals, we meet them. One day at a time, we monitor your progress and make edits/corrections as necessary.

As I always say, "I've got you!"

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