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Client Testimonials

Survey Says...

So I asked about 33 of my clients to give me some feedback on their time in therapy. Here's what some of them said:

"I believe in giving people their flowers. If you’d like to share any kind words about our time in therapy, please use this space to do so!"



"I would like to say I am so thankful for Marsha. She has been the best support system I could have gotten to get my life back on track. If it wasn’t for her I would still be making poor decisions. If it wasn’t for her I would still look down on myself and if it wasn’t for her this move to a new city that I am in would have been hard on me. I am truly blessed to have somebody I can talk to when ever I need guidance or advice. She is beautiful soul and she deserves every last flower."

"You’re a beautiful human and have an expansive mind. Really makes me think, thank you for what you do"

"I struggled with the thought of starting back at zero. Marsha has exceeded my expectation and reduced all reluctance I had to get back to taking care of myself. Thank you for your many real conversations and joy while doing so "

"Working with you Marsha has truly been a pleasure. I started my sessions in April 2022 (I think lol) and since then, I can see that I’ve made tremendous strides in my healing journey. From having an almost nonexistent relationship with my mother to speaking a bit more frequently with way less tension. From being in an emotionally, mentally abusive relationship to having CLEAR boundaries, standing on them, and understanding where my mindset towards aspects of that relationship came from. I could NOT have gotten this far on my journey without you! I am so proud to say that you are apart of my larger village. I am always excited for a new session and to dig deeper into “my issues”. I am proud to have someone who looks like me be able to guide me towards healing which allows me to not only show up for myself but also pour into others the way you’ve poured into me. "

"You da best (Nicki Minaj voice) "

"Therapy has helped me tremendously over the past five months. I’m extremely grateful to have come across one of her TikTok videos. Spirit lead me to her . "

"Marsha, you are a real one. You really helped me move through my trauma. I am still a working progress, but I appreciate you so much. You are one of a kind. Therapy really saved me. Thank you. *BIG ASS BOUQUET OF FLOWERS* "

"Marsha has made me feel valid in all my my sessions so far. Her ability to see what I’m going through and reassure that my emotions and fears are okay to feel and not be something I should have to hide has been so amazing to hear. Her advice and constructive criticism has taught me so much in just the few sessions we’ve had and I couldn’t have found a better therapist to help me through my journey.  "

"If you could give Marsha any constructive feedback, what would you say? Keep in mind this helps your therapist improve as a clinician and it helps you practice being vocal about your needs. Think of any improvements you’d like to see based on your experience."



"Please continue to speak the truth. Yes, it was hard to hear at first! But it’s the only way to grow and learn. So continue to pull edges and speak the truth!"

"I honestly wouldn’t change anything . I love how she can be strict and firm but also be relatable and talk to you as a friend. This make it so much easier to talk to express myself with ease."

"I honestly can’t think of anything. Our sessions are great and I always leave with a whole new view on things. "

"It’s really hard because I don’t have no bad reviews. She made me feel like she was one of the guys and that stuck with me and her through every session. I would have to say N/A."

"No notes. You are the most direct therapist I have ever had. I didn’t even know this was an option! I enjoy the honesty and I appreciate that someone can call me out on editing my answers!! The homework has all be super impactful and I always feel heard. I’ve never been able to identify and name the emotions I’m feeling when I’m overwhelmed and now I’m beginning to."

"Recapping what we covered at the start/end of sessions could be helpful as I process new discoveries and feelings. I enjoy my sessions and sometimes I feel that I missed an important insight/reflection layer on. I'll take betters notes when that happens. "

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