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You Deserve Someone That's Real, Raw & Relatable

Meet Marsha AKA Dolcé 

"My story starts like a lot of people's own: no father, single mother, barely making it. I've wrestled with suicide, threw hands with depression, and got jumped by anxiety.  I have dealt with and begun healing DEEP wounds of abandonment and neglect. I carried my mother through chemotherapy and experienced agony as she battled for her life.  I have been homeless and jobless and had several ramen noodle nights. Don't worry...

I am NOT about to tell you my life is now spinoff of the The Cosby Show and I am now living happily ever after. Fuck that.

But I will say...

I have done the work. I have begun the healing. I have gotten the training and the degree, and I think there is no one better to help lead YOU to better days.

I have a long history of coaching others and have had 6 years of schooling to confidently pursue this profession. I have a transcript that reflects an above-average understanding of Mental Health Principles (4.0 Masters in Professional Counseling).

But more than anything, I am a real person who has done real healing--there's no better pre-requisite than that."

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