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Ignoring Your Mental Health
Doesn't Make You Strong


Myth: People should be able to handle mental health issues on their own. 

TRUTH: If you break your ankle, no one in their right mind expects you to walk off the pain. In the same way you would seek care from a physician for a physical injury, you should have the same expectation around receiving treatment for a mental health issue. You may feel like you have to deal with your mental health concerns alone. In reality, a wealth of support exists to help you feel better.

Myth: Mental health disorders are a sign of weakness or lack of willpower

TRUTH: This myth about mental illness is one of the most damaging. Mental disorders are medical conditions, just like diabetes, heart disease, and other physical health problems. They are caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, environment, and life experiences like trauma. Managing your mental health requires strength and resilience. Fortunately, this mental health myth is gradually disappearing as awareness of mental illness grows.

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