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Circle of Solace: 

Affordable support and community empowerment for individuals on their healing journey.

The word "Solace" refers to comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness. Circle of Solace is a group designed to help you find relief and support during difficult times.​ Community is essential to our healing and sometimes having a tight-knit group of people who are there to hear us, validate, and affirm us, makes us feel like we are less alone.

The Circle of Solace group is a confidential and safe space ran by Mental Health Professional and Life Coach, Marsha B. No more than 6 members can be in a group to maintain an intimate feel.

Sessions are an hour long and the cost per session is $88.  Groups will meet bi-weekly.

Upcoming Circles:

Virtual: Parent's Suck Sometimes, Monday @ 7:45 PM EST.

Virtual: Friendship Breakup Group, Monday @ 7:45 PM EST.

In Person ATL- Self Esteem: TBD--you'll be notified when a group is available.

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